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Dynamic Ship Simulator II is a Roblox game created by CaptainMarcin. which recently in 2018 has closed.

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Dynamic Ship Simulator II (DSS2) is a simulator from the popular online game, Roblox. It involves captaining a variety of different ships and collecting points, referred to as Nautical Miles.


  • Over 15 different kinds of boats
  • Complete control over all ship functions (sirens, horns, lights and submerging on submarines).

you can use many ships such as S/Vs, jet skis, HouseBoats, cruise ships (if you are a pro), subs, and MUCH more!

ride around in a cruise ship, relax on a S/V, chill on your fancy yacht, and mess around with military ships (the most fun thing to do in my opinion)

the main idea of the game was to drive big ships and have fun RPing with ships.

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